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Integral strategies
„Because the thinking is the most difficult work in the world rather few people are engaged in it.“
Before we get down to business we call into doubt “the diagnosis”. Because the strategic marketing is overall. We apply the interactive and many times proven in practice model of BAW (Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing).

Your advantages:
Know How at first-class level
purposeful, competent and objective approach towards the assignment
the decisions once taken are executed easily by our team, the initiative is with us
operative responsibility about every step of the project and at the same time optimization of the expenses
flexible in the usage of staff. There is no need of Headcount / additional staff with your company

planned and flexible structure of the expenses, without insurances, without paid leaves of absence, without redundant administrative expenses
support in the work which does not concern your daily duties
facilitation of your team / there is no additional loading of the HR department
reduction of the expenses and the complexity of management
You can concentrate on your main competences

Can we fulfill your objectives?