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Courage changes everything! Caussade Semences - FORMI

Courage changes everything! Caussade Semences

In early September 2016, we were hired for a complete communication strategy for Caussade Semences.
After carefully analyzing the company’s profile, its competitors, and the goals that were set up, we have prepared a very innovative and at the same time close to the company’s customer campaign.

To distinguish yourself – the creation of specific Key Visuals, which differ from all the rest of their competitors, was the basis of our initial work on the concept of the performance. The goal was to build a completely new image of the company. At the same time, we were working on a new slogan that is as precise as possible in order to cover the goals and the USP of Caussade Semences.
We have implemented in the slogan: Choose, Overcome, Repeat – everything, that the Caussade Semences team, leads to its customers.

Choose – the products of Caussade Semences

Overcome – poor weather conditions with the Caussade Semences hybrids

Repeat – success with Caussade Semences

Of course, we had to present the company team in the light of the new communication strategy.

We have created a concept in which we represent the company’s team as an elite unit that is at all times available in favour of its customers. And, accordingly, a determination that must be certainly visible in all communication activities and Key Visuals of the company.

We did a special photo session for the company team – parts of the photo session you will find in the video.

On the basis of the created Key Visuals and Communication Policy, we have developed the first print materials for the company, presenting the new path they had the courage to set out.

This emotional photo shoot, of course find its application in the New Year’s Eve Company calendar.

In parallel with this, we have adapted all ads in specialized media to the new image of Caussade Semences, that we have built.

After the launch of the campaign we’ve also created a TV commercial that works only in the direction of Image. More about the TV spot – you can read and see here.

– strategic analysis
– creation of a communication strategy
– positioning and identity
– visuals identity
– key visuals
– creation of Slogan
– do a photo shoot
– set design
– copywriting
– consultancy
– design and production of catalog, business cards, print ads in specialized media, online ads, nonstandard printed materials, product presentations, video
– web-design
– programming
– adaptation of the website to the various mobile devices
– testing phase
– launching online
– make a TV SPOT
– script, directing, postproduction, sounddesign

Assignor: Caussade Semences
Project: Communication Strategy
Year: 2017

Links: www.caussade-semences.bg

Links: www.pobedi.bg